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Case Study: WHR Hybrid Switcher

Warthog WHR Hybrid Switcher Handles Long Distances, Inclines, Excessive Buildup

Problem: Mike Martin of Plumbers Depot in Hawthorne, CA, describes success on a particularly difficult municipal sewer cleaning job. Much of the long uphill run was calcified, necessitating the removal of hard deposits up to an inch thick without damaging the pipe.

Solution: Traditionally, this type of work has required the use of costly mechanical cutting tools, which harbor the risk of damaging the pipe. Warthog Switcher sewer jetting tools allow operators to switch between two sets of jets while the tool is in the pipe: powerful pulling (or thrusting) jets in the rear propel the tool down the pipe and cleaning (or descaling) side jets cut roots and remove buildup on the walls. The Warthog WHR Hybrid Switcher is specialized for users with 3000 psi/50 gpm pumps using 1” hose to clean 6-18” (150-450 mm) pipes in hilly terrain.

Result: Mike Martin attributes his success to the build-in interchangeability of the nozzle head. “I was able to cut roots, remove calcium, and climb distances that we have never been able to do in the past – we traveled up to 800 feet,” recounted Martin. “With the Warthog, you don’t have to worry about doing any damage to the pipe due to the fact that you’re cleaning all the material, removing all the calcium from the walls of the pipe, utilizing water.”

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Warthog Switcher sewer tools help eliminate extra runs by allowing you to switch between pulling and cleaning jets without removing the nozzle from the pipe. 

Our latest addition to the product line, the WHR Hybrid Switcher, provides greater pulling force for use in uphill jetting applications. This is a specialized tool oriented toward users with 3000 psi/50 gpm pumps using 1” hose to clean 6” pipes in hilly terrain.

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