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New Warthog WT-1/2 Now Available

Warthog WT-1/2 sewer nozzle

We are pleased to announce a new configuration option for the Warthog WT.

To accommodate increased flow capacity and improved performance, we have added a 1/2″ inlet option. Additionally, a new head with an R24 offset has been engineered to increase the flow range of the WT up to 21 gpm (80 l/min). 

  • Utilize the full power of your pump
  • Tackle the toughest jobs and achieve a higher rate of cleaning
  • Clean small pipes with multiple bends that may be inaccessible with other tools

The new WT-1/2 with WT 040-R24-C head is optimized for everyday use, cutting roots, and removing blockages. 

Visit our website to see the WT-1/2 in action!