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Industrial Theory: Sam Smolik’s Journey through 50 Years of Facility Ownership to Author and Speaker


Guest: Sam Smolik spent his career in a series of global executive leadership roles at The Dow Chemical Company, Shell, and LyondellBasell Industries. His focus during his 50+ year career was on leadership, people development, operational excellence, management systems, sustainable development, and achieving superior performance. Sam has recently authored a new book, “The Daily Pursuit of Excellence,” to share his experiences and leadership techniques for improving personal effectiveness, influencing others, and enhancing organizational performance.

Smolik graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering degree from The University of Texas at Austin. He currently serves on the board of directors for Axalta Coating Systems, Evergreen Industrial Services, and Ducks Unlimited.

Episode in a Tweet: “Each person can work injury free, every day.” – this episode’s guest, Sam Smolik

Summary: In this episode of Industrial Theory, host Kerry Siggins sits down with Sam Smolik to discuss his 50+ years of experience managing energy and petrochem facilities, as well as his new book, “The Daily Pursuit of Excellence.” Reflecting on the evolution of industrial cleaning practices, Kerry and Sam discuss the value of facility owners supporting and engaging with advancing standardized safety training. They dive into the importance of having a strong company culture that also extends to contractors, and the influence Sam’s leadership experience has had in his recent work as an author. Sam also details the message he plans to share at the upcoming Safety Council Summit, that “every job can be done safely.”

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