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Why the Jack Track Is This Customer’s Go-To Equipment for Tank Cutting  

Labeled “The Best Cutting System in the market,” the Jack Track is a safe, affordable, easy-to-use system that enables any service provider to successfully perform a variety of cold-cutting jobs.  

Matt Weller, Supervisor at Smith Industrial Services, has used the Jack Track for various tank cutting jobs over the past year. Check out what he had to say about the system:   

“There really is nothing else like [the Jack Track]. It’s quick and easy to assemble and has really powerful magnets that make sure it locks on to the metal surfaces you are applying it to. It’s lightweight, not bulky, and is easy to transfer from every application you use it on. 

The results of using [the Jack Track] are great. A smooth, no jam automation system that delivers quick, nice, and clean straight cuts. When you’re having to be very precise with each and every cut from start to finish on big jobs, having this piece of equipment really is the most efficient way to get it done.”  

For contractors looking to add cold cutting to their service offerings, the Jack Track is the way to go.  

Available as a complete AutoPack, the Jack Track is a versatile cold cutting system that can perform straight, circle, and even mini-radius cuts. Developed for precision cutting but capable of scrap cutting as well, its lightweight and user-friendly construction allows for a single user to set up, pierce the cutting surface, and cut in minutes. Offered with an electric or pneumatic power supply, the Jack Track package features magnetic attachments and suction cups for nonferrous metals, track flexibility, and fall detection capabilities.  

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