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Industrial Theory: Talking Hydrodemolition, Business, and Leadership with Roger Simonsson, CEO of AquaJet Systems


Episode in a Tweet: Hydrodemolition is much more complicated than simply blasting a bridge with water. Check out this episode to learn about the environmentally conscious equipment and methods used in concrete resurfacing!

Guest: Roger Simonsson is the CEO of Aquajet Systems, a Sweden-based manufacturer of hydrodemolition equipment. Founded in 1988, Aquajet Systems serves customers across Europe, Scandinavia, and the U.S.

For most of his professional life Roger has worked with business organization, development, and generation. He has been market manager or CEO for several companies such as Trivselhus (housing), Asko Cylinda (household appliances), Moelven Töreboda (bearing wood structures), and Aneta belysning (lighting fixtures).

Quick Background: In this episode of Industrial Theory, host Kerry Siggins interviews Roger Simonsson, CEO of Aquajet Systems. As a leading manufacturer of hydrodemolition equipment, Aquajet Systems is known for providing user-friendly, environmentally conscious equipment for concrete resurfacing and renovation. Roger details this process and how Aquajet leverages customer feedback to drive their innovation of new hydrodemolition products and techniques. Kerry and Roger dive into team leadership, goal setting, as well as his dedicated focus on developing Aquajet’s team members. They also discuss what it’s like to navigate industry challenges such as labor shortages, globalized supply chains, and the growing pressure to deliver maximum efficiency. Plus, Roger shares his thoughts on the importance of preventative maintenance and conservation versus new (and likely excessive) construction endeavors.

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