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Free Warthogs for Houston

StoneAge donates over $100K in Warthog sewer tools to aid Houston and surrounding communities with cleanup efforts after the devastation left behind by hurricane Harvey.

Durango, CO — September 12, 2017

Fifty Warthog sewer tools are on their way to the StoneAge Houston facility in Pasadena, Texas, in the wake of hurricane Harvey. The tools will be donated in an effort to help communities recover and build resiliency for another storm.

How it works

ContractorsContact StoneAge Houston
to be fitted with up to 3 tools
to your specification.
2150 Pansy St.
Pasadena, TX 77503
+1 (281) 888-5069

MunicipalitiesContact Jerry Sonnier or
Paul Baumy at CLS Equipment
726 South Sherman St.
Richardson TX 75081
Or Frank Ligori at StoneAge1-815-674-9253

A portion of the designated Warthog sewer nozzles are slated to be given away to the municipalities of Houston and the surrounding communities through our sewer dealer in Houston, CLS Equipment Co. or by contacting StoneAge Sewer Dealer Manager Frank Ligori. We are reserving two (2) free Warthog tools per municipality.

“We already have Warthog tools going to North Texas City, Galveston, Webster, Katy, Deer Park, Galena, Pasadena, Corpus Christy, Groves, and Dayton with more to come,” stated Mike Taylor, StoneAge’s Director of North American Sales.

The remaining tools will be given away to sewer contractors and high pressure waterblasting companies that will be assisting in the massive cleanup effort. Qualified contractors who would like to receive tools should come to the local StoneAge Houston branch office, where they will be fitted with up to three (3) free Warthog tools jetted to the pressure, flow, and length of hose run required. Tools will be distributed first-come-first-serve until all are gone.

Warthog Inventory

WG Classic, WGP Classic
Common Jetting: 60 gpm/2000 psi/600′ and 80 gpm/2500 psi/600’

WHP Classic, WH Classic
Common Jetting: 30, 35, 40 gpm/2000, 2500, 3000 psi/500’

WS 1/2 Classic
Common Jetting: 12, 18 gpm/3000, 4000 psi/300’

Why it’s important

Expeditious cleaning must take place in order to avoid future flooding from storms and rain. There are two main types of line to clean:

  • Sanitary Sewer – Carries sewage from homes and business to the wastewater treatment plant. These must be kept open to prevent back-ups into buildings and homes. Since these pipes may flood with raw sewage, they must all be cleaned to help control disease-carrying pathogens.
  • Storm Lines – These lines drain excess rain and ground water from the paved streets, parking lots and sidewalks. When these back up most likely the roads will flood. After flooding of this magnitude most of these lines are full of sediment that drained into the lines with the receding water.

StoneAge has also sent two employees from our Colorado headquarters, Kevin Dickson and Kevin Simmons, to Houston this week to assist with the cleanup efforts. “Having lived in Houston most of my life, it has been heartbreaking to see the destruction left behind by Harvey,” noted Faran Fatehi, StoneAge Houston’s Office Manager. “The donation of these sewer tools is an incredibly kind gesture that will help Houston as we start to rebuild.”

A huge thank you goes out to everyone working to make this happen for our neighbors, friends, family and coworkers in Texas, as well as our entire Houston team for their fortitude and can-do attitude during an unbelievably challenging disaster.


Contact StoneAge Houston directly with requests.