Pipe Cleaning

When Should I Consider Using StoneAge’s Navigator Contained Rotary Hose Device?

At StoneAge, we always start with the question, “What are you cleaning?” Are you trying to navigate multiple 90 degree turns in a 2” pipe? What if we told you that you do not need to cut the pipe or hammer the lance to get that tube cleaned? The good news is…you don’t! 😊 The StoneAge Navigator contained rotary hose system can feed hose through piping with up to nine 90-degree bends and is ideal for cleaning in chemical, nuclear and some ethanol plants.🍾  Watch it in action here.

There are other rotary hose devices on the market, and we guarantee none of them can match our Navigator in ease-of-use, portability and work-area safety and organization. The Navigator’s self-contained hose makes for a safe and clutter-free environment, eliminating one of the most common workplace accidents; slips, trips and falls. Our customers also love that it easily goes together and comes apart using zero tools.  It is built using pull-pins that make assembly a breeze and transporting it even easier. No need to wrestle with giant, heavy equipment when you are trying to make more money and get the job done.  

The other great thing about investing in the Navigator is that it uses StoneAge’s ProDrive (ABX-PRO) as the hose feed drive. Think of it as buy-one-get-one sort of situation💸 The ProDrive tractor can be used in other cleaning applications outside of 90-degree bend pipe cleaning with the Navigator. When you have a wide range of jobs, isn’t it nice knowing you can handle any situation as cost-effectively as possible? That’s the peace of mind you get when you build your fleet using StoneAge tractors and tools. You can also pair it with our rotating nozzles for optimal cleaning; try it with our Beetle and 2” Badger pipe/tube cleaning nozzles and see how easy cleaning can be. 🌪💦

Maybe you don’t have many jobs that require this kind of maneuvering, therefore, you don’t see the ROI in investing in a Navigator. Don’t give up on using this highly effective equipment during a one-off job; try a rental option instead. To learn more, please contact your local StoneAge rental facility to discuss the specific requirements of your job. Our experienced staff can recommend the best tools based on your application and make sure you have everything you need to run your job, including hoses, adapters and fittings.

Find out more about the Navigator here.