Pipe Cleaning

Top 5 Reasons Why The New StoneAge BJV Rocks

In 2019 we took one of our most versatile pipe cleaning nozzles, the BJV, and made it even better. Here are 5 reasons why the improved BJV rocks, making it well worth your investment.

5. Versatility- There is no other nozzle on the market that can clean anything from a 4” pipe to a 60” vessel at all pressure ranges. A variety of head choices allow for pulling ring connections, customized porting, and multiple jetting options, and you can quickly swap between 10K psi and 20K psi. More customization means better cleaning under the most adverse conditions. Now that’s flexibility.

4. Low Maintenance – The high-pressure seal is incredibly simple to access, making field maintenance fast and easy. In fact, you can change the seal in less than three minutes. Watch this video to see how. Now that’s more money in your pocket.

3. Rotation Control – Some jobs are tougher and require more dwell time to clean a surface. Easily adjust the jet’s dwell-time by effectively using our viscous fluid technology. Simply change the fluid to allow a faster or slower rotation providing maximum cleaning potential. Now that’s control.

2. Three Year Warranty – We are proud of the quality of our product. Every tool we make is thoughtfully designed with the operator in mind. Our goal is to create a tool that you don’t have to fix but just in case…we offer a three-year warranty on the new BJV’s speed control mechanism (there is a separate one-year warranty to cover the high-pressure seal).  How many other tools are in your arsenal that are backed by a three-year warranty and how many that have had over 30 years in the field to test them in every condition possible? Now that’s peace of mind.

1. World Class Service – We know what is important to you. It’s our mission to help you get your work done easily, on-time and on-budget while keeping your team safe. That’s why we have the largest inventory of tooling and safety accessories on the shelf, ready to ship same day. That’s why you can call one of our technical sales team members or engineering staff, any time. That’s why you can open the StoneAge app and jet your tool or read a troubleshooting manual 24/7. StoneAge offers so much more than just a product. We are here when you need us EVERY TIME.