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Our First Equipment Rental in the UK: Pipe Cleaning Application with Altrad

Altrad Rental

Clive Reynolds, Altrad’s Technical & Compliance Manager, was presented with a difficult pipe cleaning application at a plant in England last autumn.  

It was a complex assignment. Tasked with cleaning 250 meters of 12” ID pipes in a brine plant being decommissioned, the pipes had straight sections and as well as sections with multiple bends.  

With operator safety and job productivity always at the forefront of Altrad’s job planning, Clive called Andrew Birt, StoneAge UK Sales Manager, to discuss the details of the application and his idea to use a ABX-500 hose tractor. They decided the ABX-500 in conjunction with a StoneAge 4” Badger would be the perfect solution to safely and efficiently perform hands-free pipe cleaning at the plant.  

The timing was perfect. StoneAge’s rental service had just been launched in the UK, and the ABX-500 was available for rent on the dates needed. The rental equipment arrived onsite, was setup and running all in the same day. The Altrad team successfully completed the job in three days, maintaining complete operator safety throughout the period.  

 “The job was a huge success. Eliminating the requirement to handle a hose and removing our people from the front line provided a significantly lower risk.” Clive said. “We’re pleased to see StoneAge equipment available for rent in the UK to support our jetting equipment requirements.” 

We’re pleased to have had such a great outcome from the first StoneAge equipment rental in the UK! Our team looks forward to supporting Altrad’s future rental requirements.  

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