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Industrial Theory: How an Unexpected Partnership will Revolutionize Waterblasting with Terry Gromes, Jr., Product Strategy Manager at Terydon

October 1, 2022

StoneAge Acquires Terydon

StoneAge, Inc. Announces the Acquisition of Terydon, Inc.

September 1, 2022


Industrial Theory: Talking Hydrodemolition, Business, and Leadership with Roger Simonsson, CEO of AquaJet Systems

August 20, 2022

Industrial Theory: Surviving a Waterjet Cut and Highlighting the Importance of Hydroblasting Safety

July 22, 2022

Compass Radial Indexer for exchanger tube cleaning

StoneAge Formally Releases the COMPASS for Cleaning Heat Exchangers and Confined SpacesĀ 

June 22, 2022


Industrial Theory: WJTA Hydroblasting Training and Certification

Industrial Theory: What to Expect at IFAT 2022

May 19, 2022

Sentinel for Automated Exchanger Tube Cleaning

StoneAge Expands International Availability of Sentinel Automation Technology for Remotely Operated Heat Exchanger Cleaning

April 13, 2022


Industrial Theory: How the Sentinel Cleaned Exchangers Four Times Faster