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Industrial Theory: WJTA Hydroblasting Training and Certification


Episode in a Tweet: 

Industrial contractors and asset owners know the importance of confidence, competence, and compliance when it comes to onsite safety and operations. But how do you get there? Listen to this episode to find out.  


Peter Wright is the Association Manager at the Water Jet Technology Association (WJTA).  

Frank G. Romito is a SeniorTraining Specialist at StoneAge’s verified training location in Houston, Texas. A WJTA Master Trainer, Frank currently serves as the WJTA’s Training Committee Chair.  

Quick Background: 

In this episode of Industrial Theory, host Kerry Siggins interviews Peter Wright, the WJTA’s Association Manager, and Frank G. Romito, WJTA Training Committee Chair, Master Trainer, and Senior Training Specialist at StoneAge. Listen as they discuss the WJTA’s Hydroblasting Training and Certification program, including the Foundational Training e-learning module and the hands-on Field Verification training. Frank dives into how the fresh learning environment at StoneAge’s verified training location allows for errors or questions to be thoroughly addressed in real-time— without the added noise and risks that exist in a real jobsite. Peter shares how asset owners can benefit from having their in-house permit writers, auditors, and operators receive standardized training on terminology and operational practices. Whether you’re an industrial contractor or an asset owner, this episode can help you take the next step towards improving onsite safety!  

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