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Industrial Theory: How the Sentinel Cleaned Exchangers Four Times Faster



Marco van der Laan is the Operations Manager for Peeters, an industrial cleaning contracting company serving customers across the Netherlands, France, Germany, and Belgium. 

Episode in a Tweet:

Looking to grow your customer base? Listen to how this industrial cleaning contractor leverages the data from Sentinel Automation Technology to clean more efficiently and win over asset owners.

Quick Background:

In this episode of Industrial Theory, host Kerry Siggins is joined by Peeters Operations Manager, Marco van der Laan. Marco shares how he got started in the industrial cleaning industry and how the work eventually became an enjoyable hobby of his. Kerry and Marco discuss how automation is being adopted by European contractors after they realize it’s safer, less tiring, and can produce far better results than manual cleaning. As an early adopter of Sentinel Automation Technology, Marco details his experience cleaning heat exchangers four times faster than he was able to previously. Kerry and Marco talk about the collaboration between Peeters and StoneAge to further improve the system, as well as their mutual focus on removing industrial cleaning contractors from the line of fire during operation. Marco explains how it took his team just one day to learn how to use the Sentinel effectively. Plus, he shares how Sentinel job data allows him to inform his customers which tubes had the most pollution, the duration of his cleaning, and other competitive insights gathered during operation. 

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