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StoneAge Expands International Availability of Sentinel Automation Technology for Remotely Operated Heat Exchanger Cleaning

Sentinel for Automated Exchanger Tube Cleaning

StoneAge Inc., the leading manufacturer of high-pressure waterblast tools and automated equipment worldwide, announced today that the complete Sentinel Automation Technology system is now available for rent and purchase in more regions internationally.

StoneAge Inc. is pleased to announce that the Sentinel Automation Technology complete system, delivering exchanger tube cleaning up to 30% faster than traditional methods, is now available in more regions globally.

Sentinel Automation Technology seamlessly integrates with StoneAge’s AutoBox 3L heat exchanger cleaning equipment and uses an active sensor system to automatically position nozzles and clean exchanger tubes end to end, even in difficult low visibility conditions. With advanced productivity features and data analytics, Sentinel Automation Technology also helps optimize cleaning operations and improve asset utilization.

In customer trials, the Sentinel-enabled AutoBox 3L completed a cleaning application that typically takes 16 hours in just 4 hours.

“Sentinel Automation Technology marks a momentous turning point towards modern, automated solutions for the industrial cleaning industry,” said StoneAge CEO, Kerry Siggins. “StoneAge is proud to take this step to ensure the safety of those performing industrial cleaning applications and to drive game-changing operational efficiencies for our customers.”

“Sentinel Automation Technology marks a momentous turning point towards modern, automated solutions for the industrial cleaning industry.”

Kerry Siggins, STONEAGE CEO

Cleaning heat exchanger tubes has historically been a time-consuming and often dangerous process that requires operators have advanced training to ensure adequate performance. Limited visibility on the job makes it challenging to accurately index a standard tractor and causes operators to power down their pump until sight is restored, resulting in slower cleaning times and unnecessary wear on equipment.

Sentinel enables operators to keep their equipment running through tough conditions while at a safe distance outside the blast zone. Sentinel sensors keep lances in sync and provide the enhanced precision control needed to reposition lances without having clear visibility. Plus, its ergonomic, highly intuitive controller enables operators ranging in skill level to easily produce consistent, expert-level cleaning results.

“Over time, we plan to expand Sentinel capabilities with new equipment compatibility and technology updates so customers can achieve even better performance in a wide range of cleaning applications,” Siggins explained.

The Sentinel-enabled AutoBox 3L is now available for rent and purchase through select StoneAge branch offices and dealers internationally. For more information about Sentinel Automation Technology and local availability, please visit