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Industrial Theory: Surviving a Waterjet Cut and Highlighting the Importance of Hydroblasting Safety

Guest: Erik Sanderson relocated from Ontario to Fort McMurray (Fort Mac), an oil town in Alberta, CA, around the age of eighteen. Here, Erik began his career in industrial and chemical cleaning. Today, Erik is the Project Manager for OCL Group Inc., a company focused on pipeline, construction, and maintenance contracting. OCL Group Inc. also acts as an umbrella company for technical services including industrial high pressure and chemical cleaning.

Episode in a Tweet: Waterjetting can be scary, but it doesn’t need to be. In this episode of Industrial Theory, Erik Sanderson shares the story of his waterjet injury and discusses safety training that’s available for high-pressure industrial cleaning.

Summary: In this episode of Industrial Theory, host Kerry Siggins is joined by Erik Sanderson, Project Manager at OCL Group Inc. in Alberta, CA. Erik discusses how he got started in the industrial cleaning industry after his time in construction. In 2015, Erik suffered a nearly fatal waterjet cut that severed the bottom of his calf up to his stomach. Erik shares his story from beginning to end, including his recovery process following the injury. As a waterjet cut survivor and long-time member of the industrial cleaning industry, Erik elaborates on how his accident inspired him to promote safety to those new to the industry. Erik and Kerry also address novel equipment, such as automated cleaning tools, and the positive impacts they have on enhancing safety and efficiency on the job. In the end, Erik relays his two cents on the growth of access to safety training and importance of hands-on training to prevent accidents in industrial cleaning.

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