Pipe Cleaning

New Pipe Cleaning Backout Preventer for AutoBox ABX-500

StoneAge is pleased to offer a versatile new option for mounting the AutoBox ABX-500 to pipe.

The BOP 622 is a backout prevention device designed specifically for pipe cleaning with the AutoBox ABX-500 hose tractor. This streamlined new design reduces overall weight for ease of use, quick set-up, secure anchoring, and safe backout prevention.

The BOP-622 features a flexible 7-ft. stainless steel snout that shields the hose, adding a high level of jobsite safety. The snout enables the tractor to exert up to 200 lb of push force on the hose and stabilizes the AutoBox during cleaning operations without the use of additional anchors. The attached backout preventer stops the tool from exiting the pipe and can be used independently of the snout, when needed.

The BOP 622 is the ideal accessory for owners of the ABX-500 who want a fast set-up for secure anchoring, flexible positioning, and safe operation.

Benefits of using a snout for pipe cleaning:

  • Reduces hose wear
  • Allows operator to route the hose along a specific path
  • Anchors the ABX-500 to prevent movement during operationEnables the the ABX-500 to exert push on the hose
  • Facilitates operation where space restrictions prohibit locating the tractor near the opening of the pipe
  • Protects automated equipment by allowing placement outside the path of caustic effluent

Additional Information

  • Fits pipes sized 5-17 in. (127-432 mm), Hose OD 0.3-1.5 in. (8-38 mm)
  • Accessory kit available for attachment to pipes without a flange up to 17 in. (432 mm)
  • Compatible with BJ 325 extention kit for pipes up to 36 in. (914 mm)
  • The BOP 360 backout preventer can be used without the snout if desired

Contact your StoneAge representative for availability.