Pipe Cleaning

New Navigator Upgrade Available

The Navigator is the only automated rotary hose device in the industry specifically engineered to clean small diameter process pipe with bends – now redesigned around the proven ABX-PRO.

The Navigator NAV-100 system couples a rotating hose reel with the AutoBox ABX-PRO hose tractor to drive a self-rotary nozzle through multiple bends in small diameter piping which may be inaccessible with other methods.


Engineering the Navigator to utilize the ABX-PRO tractor permits StoneAge to achieve economies of scale – and we are passing the savings directly on to our customers!

This is a great value for a versatile system that provides cleaning capability for the most challenging applications. If you already own the AutoBox ABX-PRO for pipe or drain cleaning, you can now purchase the NAV-170-PKG to upgrade your ABX-PRO tractor to a full Navigator system.

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