How to Customize StoneAge Training to Meet Your Needs

As an industrial cleaning company, your success hinges on your ability to provide the solution your customers need, when they need it.

We know that delivering a top-notch portfolio of services requires a significant investment – in your equipment, your people and your time. StoneAge can help with every aspect of your success, including making it easy for your teams to get the training they need to be safe, successful and as profitable as possible in their high-pressure cleaning work. 

We’re here to help any industrial cleaning company invest in training, regardless of your size, experience level, equipment and methods. It doesn’t matter if you’re a large or small contractor, an asset owner, if you’re cleaning manually or automated, if you specialize in one HP cleaning application or many…. StoneAge Training is custom-built to enable your success.

As a team, safety is our #1 priority for every job, followed closely by quality of work.

Curtis Shiner, Terrapure Environmental

Customizable & Student Friendly Curriculum

When creating your custom virtual training curriculum, we consider many aspects of your team to make sure that you’re getting the absolute most out of your valuable time. Here’s how it works. We partner with you in advance to plan every training session.

The type of equipment you own doesn’t matter to us; we only care that you are safe and skilled in the work you’re performing. While we promote automated cleaning for safety, efficiency and overall cleaning effectiveness, we also understand that manual cleaning methods are still being used in our industry. If manual cleaning must be performed, we’ll happily train you on how to perform it safely.

Your team is likely made of people with varying degrees of experience and we strive to ensure no one is left behind during the course. Our trainers have decades of experience in the industry and they’ve held every job from operator to supervisors to field engineers to fleet managers to job planners… they speak the language and can tailor their delivery so that every student understands the concepts and feels comfortable participating.

It’s not scripted, and no two trainings are the same…If there’s a concept that’s intriguing or doesn’t make sense, we’ll take time to do whiteboard problem solving, use different calculators, and explore opportunities to optimize as a group.

Backed by Global Waterjetting Safety Organizations

Finally, we know that you’re expected to meet differing safety and training requirements moving between regions and companies. This is not a small feat, and we strive to make it easier. StoneAge is either an accredited training provider or close partner with the US-based WaterJet Technology Association (WJTA), UK-based Waterjetting Association (WJA), and TCC – Training en Cursus Centrum, SIR Training Provider based in the Netherlands. Through our comprehensive curriculum and extensive network of partnerships, we can help you identify and deliver all your training and certification needs.

In closing, we’d like to share a testimonial with a satisfied StoneAge Training customer.

Terrapure Environmental is an industry leader when it comes to industrial services. They believe that safe and effective high-pressure cleaning is made possible by having well-trained operators and the proper equipment. Staying true to their belief, Terrapure commissioned StoneAge to develop and administer a month-long training program to 75 of their operators. And the outcome was better than either of us could have hoped.

“Our teams have all levels of experience, from new hire to 30+ years in the industry. As a team, safety is our #1 priority for every job, followed closely by quality of work. We have a good reputation with our clients for safety and quality. The StoneAge Training course was educational; the science and calculators in the training will really help my guys as they are performing job walks or preparing quotes for our customers…because showing up on-site with the right equipment and tools for the job is key. I would recommend StoneAge Training to others; it contains great information for new and experienced employees, and it will help spread knowledge throughout the industry.”
– Curtis Shiner, Industrial Services Manager – West Field Services, Terrapure Environmental

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