Industry Training in the Era of COVID-19

WJA training, Saudi Arabia

In times past, StoneAge trainer Steve Willams would typically travel to the Middle East for weeks at a time to train and certify large groups of contractors on hydroblasting safety and applications. We refer to these times, as long ago as 2019, as “the good old days”. The global pandemic has created unprecedented obstacles in the ways we work and interact, yet work still needs to get done.

In industrial sectors in large swaths of the world, plants require water jetting operators to obtain credentials from the Water Jetting Association (WJA) before performing work with high-pressure water. Since COVID-19, Steve has been working with the WJA to develop innovative ways to continue delivering training and certification. Most recently, he’s supported the WJA in implementing a webinar and video audit process so operators can get the certifications they need to work safely and effectively, even when in-person training isn’t possible.

After each in-person training, Steve would gather his students for a selfie, and they always seemed genuinely happy and proud when completing his courses. During COVID, he’s continuing the tradition. Even online, separated by continents, Steve’s trainees can appreciate the experience he’s creating for them. In addition to providing a top-notch course on safety and application best practices, Steve says he will “always try and make the training a bit of fun for the guys.”

In the photo: Steve Willams with trainees in Saudi Arabia (Steve on the Zoom)

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