New! WJTA-Approved StoneAge Training

wjta training

StoneAge understands the importance of developing employees; our teammates go to heroics to support each other and our customers, even more so during the most challenging times, and they do this because we invest in them. We know our customers share this sentiment; your team plays a crucial role in providing industry-leading service to your clients. While we hope you can operate today with little interruption, if you find yourself with downtime consider making use of it by investing in your team. 

Like many of you, we anticipate that as the industry starts to bounce back, demands for industrial cleaning will be high. This will add more pressure to the already tough labor market experienced by our industry. Whether you will be recruiting new talent or looking for ways to leverage the skill set of your existing employees, it’s important to be thinking about how you will come out of this crisis stronger than ever. One way to do this is by helping your employees gain much-needed skills in the safe and efficient application of waterjets. While in-person trainings are not feasible today to protect the health of our customers and employees, StoneAge has been working behind the scenes to grow our waterjetting development program. As the nation prepares to re-open, we are eagerly waiting for the opportunity to train your teams again in person – helping you go back to work safer, smarter, and more productively. 

When that day arrives, our newest WJTA-Approved Field Verification (FV) course will give your team the skills they need to perform manual waterjetting work safely and effectively using industry-standard practices. This is a one-day classroom and hands-on course covering manual cleaning methods delivered at the StoneAge Texas facility by a WJTA-Verified Trainer. The course covers pre-job inspection, PPE, shotgunning, line moleing, flex, and rigid lancing and emphasizes critical points for safety and effective performance of each method. Another reason to love this course is that the certification does not expire. For more information on the WJTA’s new hydroblaster training and certification program, check out their latest press release!

Turnarounds are being postponed which can bring about difficult cleaning challenges. We offer a more advanced “Science and Technique” course to help you excel at cleaning the toughest jobs that inevitably lie ahead. This course is quite technical and is best suited for more experienced operators and supervisors. It contains applicable concepts that can be used to solve problems, improve cleaning and outperform your competitors. There’s no need to scour the internet looking for hard-to-find, application-specific support. Our “Science and Technique” course is guaranteed to teach even the most seasoned waterjetters new concepts that can be applied to complete a challenging job more productively. 

You may schedule StoneAge Field Verification (FV) and Science and Technique training as standalone modules or bundled together. We recommend the latter because FV + Science and Technique is an industry-leading, two-step training and certification package to help your employees progress from new hire to advanced operator/supervisor. With these two courses, you can head back to work with required safety credentials, learn pro tips about high pressure job optimization, and apply your new expertise in the field to blow your customers (and your competition) away. 

StoneAge Texas, with support from WJTA and HASC, will coordinate logistics, equipment, deliver training and manage records so you don’t have to. Finally, because StoneAge is so excited about creating an ongoing education program for operators, we’re offering a promotion when you bundle FV and Science and Technique courses together – buy one course, get one ½ off – valid through 2020.

To invest in your team’s waterjetting professional development and get back into the field stronger than before, please visit and we’ll contact you directly for scheduling.