5 Reasons Why StoneAge Training Will Help Your Operators Stay Safe and Perform Better

We are passionate about creating safe and highly skilled industrial cleaning professionals through training and education.  Here are five ways that the StoneAge Training Program can help you stay safe, perform better, and become more profitable.

#5 – Make the Most Out of Your Equipment.

We know that showing up on the jobsite with the right equipment is key to your success. A big part of our training is to teach you how to select the best tooling and equipment for every application. We teach you the science behind the tools so you understand how small tweaks to your high-pressure set-up can improve cleaning performance and keep your team safe. Our classes are designed to teach you how to use the equipment you own, and if needed, how to optimize your investment in new tooling and equipment.  

#4 –Deepen Your Expertise (and your pockets).  

Through StoneAge Science and Technique Training, learn and apply the physics behind waterjetting to your job planning process to clean as quickly, consistently and thoroughly as possible. Grow your reputation in the industry as the most trusted high-pressure cleaning company that guarantees outstanding results every single time. No other training program on the market covers this level of engineering and technical detail and we’re excited to share it with you because it pays to be the expert.   

#3 – Learn from World-Class Trainers   

Our trainers have over 40 years of industry experience doing every job from operator, supervisor, fleet managers, field engineers, and more. Our trainers speak your language and they understand your pain points. They tailor their delivery of the content to ensure that every student, from new hire to seasoned veteran, understands each concept and benefits from the curriculum. Most importantly, our trainers are passionate about high-pressure cleaning education, and they believe that training should be fun, engaging and interactive so your teams get the most out of it.  

#2 – Hassel-Free, Customized Training for Your Business  

Time is money – you don’t need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to training your team. StoneAge Training is easy to book, our curriculum is modular and customizable, and we can deliver through multiple methods. Let us take the hassle out of training by creating a program for your company based on your geographic location, your cleaning methods, your high-pressure equipment, and your teams’ experience level.  

#1 Be Part of Creating a Safer Industry.

Safety is the foundation of our program. Invest in training and certification for your teams and become part of the movement to propagate standard safe practices within our industry. StoneAge’s utmost mission is to help you, your teams, and every industrial cleaning professional return home safely at the end of each day.