Drain Cleaning

Why You Need the ProDrain in Your Pipe Cleaning Arsenal

The StoneAge ProDrain is the industry’s only system specifically designed for cleaning drains in plants. 

Chances are you already have the extremely versatile ProDrive ABX-PRO Tractor in your fleet. Buying the ProDrain kit is a great opportunity to add value to your customers by repurposing your ProDrive to do EVERYTHING the job requires, including drain cleaning. You already have the tools on site; now you can easily convert them to finish the job. There will never be a need for your customer to hire a different contractor to do this type of work. 

Another benefit of using the ProDrain is the elimination of manual cleaning through the use of the ProDrain’s tripod system. Vertically mount the ProDrive to the tripod stand and quickly get to work. Sensors in the feet of the legs know when the stand becomes destabilized and immediately triggers the dump to cut water and prevent tipping. Additionally, the three-leg design allows for steady placement on uneven ground in all conditions. The splash plate and steel snout contain the high-pressure water, making for a safe environment.  

Hands-free waterblasting is the safest way to clean and should be the chosen method whenever possible. The ProDrain not only adds versatility to your services, it creates an additional layer of safety. 

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