Exchanger Cleaning

Announcing AutoPack-PRO

StoneAge is pleased to introduce the AutoPack-PRO and MasterPack-PRO, self-contained automation kits for contractors who want to introduce or expand automation in their fleets.

Built around the AutoBox ABX-PRO, a versatile hose drive that can be adapted to a wide range of cleaning applications, our AutoPack-PRO and MasterPack-PRO kits are equipped with everything you need to successfully complete jobs spanning pipe, drain and exchanger cleaning.

These turnkey solutions contain every component needed to automate common waterblasting jobs from the pump to the nozzle, enabling contractors to become 70% automated, exceeding “hands free” safety requirements while increasing productivity and workforce organization.


  • Self-contained plug-and-play system with all necessary components included
  • Protects your equipment, simplifies inventory tracking
  • Easy way to standardize equipment and training across your workforce
  • Agility to respond to real-time need of your customers

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