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Why We Want Your Feedback


As employee owners, we understand that the stakes are high because our success directly impacts the success of the company. Giving and receiving feedback plays a key role in the “Own It Mindset” we all contribute to. Receiving criticism can be uncomfortable as it forces us to acknowledge areas that we have room to improve but it ultimately leads to deeper understanding and consequently, growth. Therefore, feedback is necessary for continued growth and success and we all try to embody and welcome that in our day-to-day operations at StoneAge.

StoneAge’s success is built on the decade’s worth of feedback we have received from our customers. We got where we are today by building tools and equipment our customers told us they needed. Pivoting from the mining industry towards industrial cleaning, developing the BJV, Barracuda and Banshee, introducing the ABX hose feed tractors, and modifying our distribution model in North America and Western Europe by selling direct to our customers rather than through resellers were all actions we took based on feedback we received from our most trusted customers. We continue to lean into this kind of feedback today as we develop tools that will set the pace as automation takes a stronger foothold in the industrial cleaning world and beyond.

The world of cleaning is changing before our eyes and more rapidly than anyone expected, and we are counting on our customers, now more than ever, to tell us what they need in existing tools and tools that will be born in years to come.  We genuinely want to hear all your ideas about how we should make our tools better and safer. How could you complete more jobs and make more money? Could ordering tools be easier? Could troubleshooting be made easier with different resources? Are there things you dislike about our tools?

As an incentive to provide us with this valuable feedback we would like to send you a gift. Use this link to send us feedback (good or bad) and you will have a chance to receive a limited edition StoneAge branded Yeti mug.