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What to Expect in 2021 from StoneAge CEO, Kerry Siggins

Happy New Year! I hope you had a wonderful holiday season and have entered the new year with positivity and hopefulness that this year will be better than the last. While there are still challenges ahead, moving forward is the best and only option. In that spirit, I wanted to share some of the exciting things we are working on at both StoneAge and Breadware…all in the name of making the lives of our customers easier, safer, and more productive.  

Let’s start with technology! We are most excited about the launch of our Sentinel Automation Technology. The Sentinel will transform exchanger cleaning, and marks a significant shift for StoneAge and the industrial cleaning. As we continue to expand this technology, you can expect to see more Sentinel related products and upgrades that make industrial cleaning jobs easier, safer and more efficient. We want customers to love the Sentinel technology as much as we do, so we’ve also created training and certification programs to ensure you feel confident and in control on the job. More to come on this, so be on the lookout.  

Another of our top priorities this year is to provide even better service our customers. Our webinar series and virtual sales presentations were a big hit in 2020, so we’re taking it to the next level by pursuing new presenting technologies and creating more relevant and valuable training content. We’re exploring digital learning platforms and wearable devices to provide better hands-on technical learning and support, as well as laying the foundation for an e-commerce platform. Our goal is to fully optimize our customer experience and make interacting with StoneAge as easy as possible.   

On the sewer nozzle front, we will be launching new Warthog nozzles and making updates to our current product line. We can’t wait to share this news with our Warthog tribe, the Hog Squad. Additionally, we were thrilled to welcome IoT product development firm, Breadware, to the StoneAge family last year and are looking forward to leveraging their product development skills. Breadware will help create us develop the products of the future, while continuing to service their own clients including Shine Bathroom and Biostrap.  

Most importantly, our commitment to diligently serve our customers and keep our employees safe and healthy has never been stronger, especially as we continue to navigate the global pandemic. We believe that happy employees make happy customers, and we’re proud to have a culture founded on being great teammates and taking care of customers and each other.  

Thank you for your continued support and loyalty. We appreciate you and wish you a successful and safe year. 

Kerry Siggins 

CEO, StoneAge