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What is the StoneAge Assurance Promise?

StoneAge Assurance Promise

Have you come to rely on all of us at StoneAge? Do you like using our tools, appreciate our customer service, and look forward to our innovations? We care very much about providing our customer with reliable products and training that help them advance the industry and make money. We care even more about providing outstanding service. That’s why every StoneAge team member takes an active part in shaping the culture and the bedrock of what our company stands for. This is why we created the StoneAge Assurance Promise.  

The StoneAge Assurance Promise is our commitment to our customer to do whatever it takes to help you complete your job safely, on time, on budget and as easily as possible.  

It seems simple but there’s so much that goes into it. We understand that industrial cleaning is difficult. We know that there is pressure to perform, pressure to cut costs and pressure to stay safe. With over four decades of experience, there is very little we haven’t seen and very little we haven’t done to help our customer solve the difficult challenges they face day in and day out. We get it.  

The StoneAge Assurance Promise is made up of three pillars: 

Products: Our customers put their reputation on the line every time they go to work and they need equipment that gets the job done. We engineer reliable tooling and equipment that is versatile and easy to maintain, helping contractors expand capabilities, pursue new opportunities and make more money. 

Services: Meeting the unique cleaning needs of every client requires that contractors maintain a skilled workforce using effective equipment and safe working practices. We deliver a range of service including training, job planning and custom equipment solutions to ensure your customers are safe and productive on the job.  

Customer Service Excellence: Our customers work in a “now” industry. We deliver responsive technical support 24/7 and immediate access to the industry’s largest product inventory through our global network of branches and dealers. We always have our customer’s back.  

As we continue to advance and grow, we will look to this promise as a guidepost, so we never lose focus of what is important to our customers. We want you to know that we’ve got your back. You deserve products that work. You deserve jobs to go smoothly. You deserve recognition for a job well done. And you deserve to go safely home to your family each night.  

To help us maintain that focus, we are actively seeking out examples of when we might have done an outstanding job for one of our customers. We want to hear stories that will help shape how we continue to business in the best way possible. Send them to us today and we will feature them and the hard work you do to get the job done well.  

Thank you for letting us serve you and we look forward to hearing you.