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Succeeding in Uncertain Times

StoneAge staff win

Across the globe, industries, companies and individuals are grappling with what is happening and how to adjust to a “new normal” while trying to remain calm and sane. It is easy…and understandable…to give into fear and uncertainty. Like many of you, all of us at StoneAge have found that when we act, we feel better and can find many wins to celebrate. That’s why our leadership team and global organization has responded to this crisis with effort and action, helping our industry and communities provide essential services in this time of need.  

We understand that this crisis is still unfolding, and we will have to adjust how we serve our customers…but for now, we are rockin’ and rollin’, making on-the-fly adjustments as we continue to fill and ship orders. Most employees are working from home and we have small teams on rotation at our headquarters and branch offices, all committed to getting you what you need when you need it, while practicing social distancing. There is nothing more important than keeping our employees safe and healthy while continuing to serve our customers and deliver our StoneAge Assurance Promise.  

As we take a moment to count our blessings and recognize the hard work of our teammates, we would love to hear stories from our customers about “Wins” they have encountered in the last few weeks. What has inspired you and made you feel proud of your team, coworkers or company?  

Here are a few of our “Wins”: 

  • We are proud to help municipalities and plumbers keep our sewer systems clear as people flush all kinds of inappropriate things down their toilets. Go Warthogs! 
  • Our engineering team is designing custom heads and small custom projects while working from home and sending drawings to our shop for manufacturing, ensuring that our customers have the right tooling and equipment for tough jobs. 
  • Our branch offices are renting equipment to contractors who have emergency jobs that require immediate cleaning.  
  • Our CEO has been working with the Colorado Governor’s Office to ensure StoneAge is designated as an essential business in preparation for further closures and restrictions. 

We don’t have time to waste wishing for things that aren’t; we can only do what we can with what we have. We are taking every action we can think of to position ourselves in ways that help our customers be as successful as possible during this pandemic and after. As we continue to adapt and adjust to meet your needs, we hope you will give us feedback on how we are doing, helping us learn how to provide better service and support now in and in the future.   

Email us at with your success stories.