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StoneAge Redesigns Mobile App

The redesigned StoneAge app delivers a better mobile experience and easier access to product resources.

A more intuitive and modern experience awaits customers on the StoneAge mobile app. The redesigned app, which includes a fully updated layout, is now available to all customers via the App Store and Google Play.

“Our mobile app has been very successful, with downloads far surpassing initial expectations,” reported Randy Parker, Marketing Director. “Finding resources quickly is key for our customers, and our redesign emphasizes ease of navigation and more explicit segmentation of our product lines.”

The redesigned home page funnels users directly into one of StoneAge’s three major product lines to access product resources including videos, data sheets, manuals, and repair/rework instructions. Contact information for all facility locations and regional representatives is also readily available. 

Key Features

  • Quick access to product resources (i.e., data sheets, manuals, tolerances)
  • Easy navigation by product line
  • Enhanced, modern video interface
  • Jetting calculators
  • Contact form
  • Photo/video upload
  • News feed

Get the mobile App

Existing mobile app users should get the update automatically. If you do not see the update or have not yet downloaded the StoneAge mobile app, head over to the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android) to download the latest version.


Download the StoneAge mobile app

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