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StoneAge Announces the Acquisition of Internet of Things (Iot) Product Development Firm Breadware, Inc.

Breadware Acquisition

We are pleased to announce that on March 31, 2020, StoneAge acquired Breadware, Inc., an industrial IoT product development company headquartered in Reno, Nevada.

“We have partnered with Breadware on the development of several connected, smart products including our Sentinel™ automation system which is launching later this year,” said Kerry Siggins, our CEO. “Our vision is to be the world’s leading provider of industrial cleaning robotics and automated systems, and the Breadware team will help us bring this vision to fruition faster. They have an exceptional product development team, and their expertise will help us continue to advance our industry with robotic products and a data platform that will help our customers perform work faster, safer, and better.”

Breadware’s team of engineers have a strong reputation as an IoT solution provider in multiple sectors for companies like Target, Gates Corporation, OnePlus Systems, and Caesars Entertainment. “We believe that thoughtful, well-designed industrial IoT products will make the world safer and more productive,” said Ron Justin, Director of IoT Services for Breadware. “StoneAge has been a leader in the industrial cleaning industry for decades and we believe we can help them achieve their vision and continue to help their customers solve difficult cleaning, sanitation, and automation problems.”

Breadware will operate as a wholly-owned subsidiary of StoneAge. Along with developing product solutions for its other clients, the Breadware team will continue to help StoneAge make Sentinel™ automation and data tracking technology compatible with all existing StoneAge positioning and tractor systems. “Their focus and expertise will help us bring automated solutions to market faster and allow us to better serve our customers with the products of the future,” added Siggins. “In addition, Breadware will continue to serve clients outside of industrial cleaning which will expose us to new ideas and cutting-edge technology that we can incorporate into our products for the industrial cleaning industry.”