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Obsolescence Notice: HCS Models Iteration

Issue Date: February 23, 2018

The purpose of this notification is to announce the obsolescence of the following products:

HCS-2L-M24, HCS-2L-M24-V2 HCS-2L-M24- AutoBox Hose Containment
HCS-2L-TM16, HCS-2L-TM16-V2 HCS-2L-TM16- AutoBox Hose Containment
HCS-3L-M24 HCS-3L-M24- AutoBox Hose Containment
HCS-3L-TM16 HCS-3L-TM16- AutoBox Hose Containment


The key milestones in this obsolescence process are:

  1. Formal Notification of Obsolescence on February 23, 2018
  2. Orders for these products are no longer accepted as of January, 1st 2018
  3. Replacement models and upgrade kits are available for purchase as of February 1, 2018.

Reason for obsolescence

The 2L and 3L Hose Containments have been design iterated with two new features that improve job performance by increasing flow and reducing torque and drag on flex lances. All upgrades are backwards compatible with the prior versions of Hose Containment. Details are outlined below.

Manifold Change

The new HCS-2L and HCS-3L Hose Containment Systems have been upgraded with larger MP9 outlet ports on the drum manifold. This manifold change improves the Cv (flow) and delivers more GPM to the cleaning tool. These new manifolds can be retrofitted to Hose Containments that were purchased before January 1, 2018.

Snout Assembly Change

The HCS-2L will exchange its multi-sheathed spring snout for a corrugated snout available in 2.00” or 1.25” outside diameter. The corrugated snout reduces torque and drag on the flex lances as they pass through the snout. Kits are available for retrofitted to Hose Containments that were purchased before February 1, 2018

The HCS-3L hose containment will not see any change to its corrugated snout, however a 1.25” corrugated snout for Flex Lances 4/4 and smaller was added to the portfolio.

Replacement Part Options

StoneAge will no longer support the affected items from the above identified assemblies after February 1st 2018 StoneAge will offer upgrade kits for customer wishing to upgrade their 2L hose containment purchased before January 1st 2018. StoneAge will also offer crossover kits to allow customers to purchase only the required components to cross over from 2.00” to 1.25” corrugated snouts (or the reverse). Please reference the chart below to determine replacement parts or kits.

Old Product (Obsolete) New Product Application
HCS-2L-TM16-125, HCS-2L-TM16-200,
HCS-2L-M24-125, HCS-2L-M24-200
HCS-3L-TM16-125, HCS-3L-TM16-200,
HCS-3L-M24-125, HCS-3L-M24-200
N/A HCS 260-125 Converts a HCS-2L-XX-200 into a
N/A HCS 260-200 Converts a HCS-2L-XX-125 into a
N/A HCS 360-125 Converts a HCS-3L-XX-200 into a
N/A HCS 360-200 Converts a HCS-3L-XX-125 into a
N/A HCS 618-2L-125 Kit, Upgrade HCS-2L to HCS-2L-XXX-125
N/A HCS 618-2L-200 Kit, Upgrade HCS-2L to HCS-2L-XXX-200
N/A HCS 618-3L Kit, Upgrade HCS-3L to HCS-3L-V2


Repairs for all hose containments will be available with the latest parts.


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