Exchanger Cleaning

New AutoStroke AST-200-V2 Available

AutoStroke accessory automatically clears plugged exchanger tubes without operator intervention.

Fully plugged exchanger tubes are one of the most challenging waterblasting applications. When a rotating nozzle strikes a blockage inside a tube, it stops the rotation of the head, diminishing the cutting power of the jets. On the job, noise and limited visibility often prevent the operator from detecting if the nozzles have stopped spinning. Clearing a plug involves tedious and time-consuming effort as the operator manually reverses the direction of the nozzles repeatedly to keep the heads spinning until the plug is cleared.

The StoneAge AutoStroke eliminates guesswork and greatly reduces the cleaning time on plugged heat exchangers.

The system detects when the nozzles hit a plug and automatically generates a forward and reverse pecking motion to keep the nozzles spinning until the plug is successfully cleared without any operator intervention. This produces optimal cleaning and saves contractors money by reducing wear on equipment, nozzles, and high pressure flex lances.

No Batteries Required!

The plug-and-play AutoStroke AST-200-V2 accessory has been engineered with an integrated power generator and a rugged watertight case to enable uninterrupted maintenance-free operation.

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