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Jetting App 2.0 is here

StoneAge is committed to engineering the best tools in the industry and we intentionally design our rotary tools to adapt to a wide range of conditions.

Jetting the tool for different applications reduces the total cost of ownership. Proper tool configuration is essential to optimal performance and efficiency in the field, and the trick is knowing how to re-jet the tool for the requirements of the job. That’s where the right calculation tools make all the difference.


The StoneAge Jetting App is a free suite of waterblasting calculators for configuring jetting and managing flow, pressure loss, and jet reaction force.

The Jetting App 2.0 has been rebuilt from the ground up based on feedback from users, and employs the latest mobile technology to put support in your hands when and where you need it. Based on decades of engineering and field experience, the app allows contractors to dial in the exact working configurations for their tooling to ensure success on the job.

It’s like having a team of engineers in your pocket!

Key Features

  • Jetting calculators for Waterblast, Sewer, and Downhole tools
  • Automatically suggests jetting for specified parameters
  • Fine-tune your configuration to unique application requirements
  • Save, e-mail, or print your configurations as needed

Additional calculators include:

  • Pressure Loss Through Hose or Lance
  • Pressure Loss Through Tool
  • Orifice Size
  • Flow Through Orifice
  • Flow from Horsepower
  • Jet Reaction Force
  • Jet Impact

Get the Jetting App

The best way to get the new calculators is to download our free mobile app. If you already have our app, then you already have the new calculators because we keep it continually updated with the latest tools, videos, manuals and reference materials. You can always jet tools online at

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