Industrial Theory Podcast

Industrial Theory: The “Swiss Army Knife” of Heat Exchanger Cleaning


Kelley Crush is the Director of Engineering at StoneAge. Prior to joining the company in 2021, Kelley spent over a decade working in industrial engineering, manufacturing, and leadership. With a passion for problem solving, Kelley takes a customer-centric approach to product development and engineering.

Mike Taylor is the Director of Global Sales at StoneAge. With over 15 years of experience in the industrial cleaning industry, Mike has worked in pump manufacturing, equipment rentals, and customer relations. Mike aspired to work for StoneAge because of the company’s passion for advancing the industry and ultimately to keep people safe.

Episode in a Tweet: Learn how feedback from StoneAge customers led to the “Swiss Army Knife” of heat exchanger cleaning equipment — the Compass.

Summary: In this special episode of Industrial Theory, host Kerry Siggins is joined by two familiar faces: StoneAge Director of Engineering, Kelley Crush, and Director of Global Sales, Mike Taylor. Kelley and Mike share exciting news about StoneAge’s latest system, the Compass. Formerly known as the ProPositioner, the Compass is an automated indexing device that articulates in a radial motion from one attachment point to easily clean all tubes in and around a heat exchanger bundle. Kelley details how this reduces the need for contractors to perform dangerous confined space cleaning operations. Explaining the evolution of this product, Mike shares how StoneAge works closely with customers to develop products that drive the industry forward. Learn about the extensive engineering and customer collaboration that produced the Compass’s game-changing ability to clean every tube with precision and ease. Plus, they hint at what’s coming down the pipe for Sentinel Automation Technology.

Listen to the podcast here.