Industrial Theory Podcast

Industrial Theory: Protecting Wastewater Workers from Lethal Pathogens

TJ Suiter


TJ Suiter is the president of Hydro Products Corporation and the inventor of the Vanguard System, safety equipment for jet trucks, jet/vac combo units, and CCTV maintenance vehicles. Based in Denver, Colorado, Hydro Products Corp. helps protect wastewater workers by reducing the level of dangerous pathogens workers are exposed to while on the job.  

Episode in a Tweet: 

TJ Suiter, president of Hydro Products Corp., is on a mission to protect the health of wastewater workers by keeping sewage in the sewer where it belongs. Listen to learn more!  

Quick Background: 

In this episode of Industrial Theory, host Kerry Siggins is joined by TJ Suiter, president of Hydro Products Corporation. Listen as they discuss the Vanguard system, a defense system TJ invented to keep dangerous pathogens away from wastewater workers, community citizens, and the environment. TJ shares his experience working with occupational hazards and pathogens beginning as a volunteer in hospice settings, to later testing manholes, maintenance closets, jet trucks and other equipment for the presence of highly infectious material. Kerry and TJ discuss his transition from being a service provider to a product business, as well as generational differences he faces surrounding sanitary knowledge and practices on the job. Plus, TJ details his upbringing and how his parents fostered a strong passion for invention and entrepreneurship.

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