Industrial Theory Podcast

Industrial Theory Podcast: Episode #7 with Ron Justin

Guest: Ron Justin is the Director of Connected Solutions for Breadware a leading Internet of Things (IoT) product innovation firm based in Reno, Nevada.

Episode in a Tweet: Industrial automation will be a significant part of our future; listen to find how out how to turn your product or service into a connected, value-creating system.

Quick Background: Ron has been a thought leader in the tech space for decades and has worked on all kinds of interesting projects from high security technology development for the U.S. Government to creating smart toilets that tell you when the water is still running or even when they are leaking. Ron shares his insight (and humor) on the best way to successfully launch your IoT initiative and how to ensure you don’t get left behind in the new world of connected devices.

Listen to Episode 7 – IoT is already part of our daily lives and will be broadly adopted by industry in the future