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Industrial Theory Podcast Episode #15 with Steve Richmond

Guest:   Steve Richmond is the founder and CEO of Projetech Inc., a Tivoli Award Winning IBM Business Partner based in Cincinnati, Ohio. As example would be asset management services which allow their clients to gain near real time visibility into asset usage and better govern assets and extend the useful life of capital equipment. Prior to founding Projetech in 1990, he began his career in the mechanical contracting business. He has since led, driven and grown Projetech to success as the largest IBM Maximo as a Service provider in the world. A published author and accomplished speaker, Steve maintains certification and affiliation with the Society of Maintenance and Reliability Professionals (SMRP), the Association of Facilities Engineers (AFE) and the Building Owners and Management Institute (BOMI).  

Episode in a Tweet:  Listen as Kerry and Steve discuss enterprise asset management and the potential it holds for the industrial cleaning industry. Plus, Steve shares his leadership philosophy and why he thinks technology is really a people business.  

Quick Background:  Host Kerry Siggins interviews Steve Richmond, founder and CEO of Projetech, an enterprise asset management (EAM) service that provides IBM’s product, Maximo, among others, to maximize efficiencies and compliance for businesses around the world. They discuss the role EAM plays in tracking capital-intense assets and regulatory metrics, and why the industrial cleaning industry needs to adopt this type of technology. Steve shares his advice for getting started with EAM and precautionary cybersecurity measures that businesses should consider. He also details his journey from mechanical contracting to high-tech entrepreneurship, as well as his philosophy on leadership and what it takes to build a strong, aligned team.  

Listen to Episode 15 – Advancing Efficiencies through Enterprise Asset Management and Technology