Industrial Theory Podcast

Industrial Theory Podcast: Episode #10 with Mahesh Parameswaran


Guest: Mahesh Parameswaran is the GM of Deluxe Industrial Services in Mumbai, India. Although his father owns Deluxe Industrial Services, Mahesh intentionally spent 8 years working in different industries and companies to gain valuable insights and experience, working with his hands and being a part of diverse teams. Mahesh’s father founded Deluxe in 1992 and they offer a wide range of industrial cleaning services across India. Mahesh contributes their success to its long-standing team and the trust of its customers.

Episode in a Tweet: Listen as Mahesh and Kerry discuss how doing business in India is growing increasingly easier, how COVID will speed up the adaptation of automation and how it has affected life, personally and professionally.

Quick Background: Mahesh is an Industrial Electronics Engineer with a MBA and 24 years of industry experience. Growing up, hydroblasting was always part of the conversation and he knew he would eventually join his father’s team at Deluxe. Listen to learn more about Mahesh, Deluxe Industrial Services and how valuable lessons in “letting go” can be learned in unlikely places.

Listen to Episode 10 – Business in India and how COVID will speed up the adaptation of automation