Industrial Theory Podcast

Industrial Theory Podcast #12 with Samantha Cervantes


Guest: Samantha Cervantes, a Regional VP at Tableau Software (a recent acquisition), is a talented sales leader and who understands how data can transform people, companies, and industries. She shares her insight on small and large companies alike are using data to make better decisions. She also gives her tips on how to develop a high performing sales organization…like the one that captured the attention of one of the fastest growing companies in the world…

Episode in a Tweet: Why should the industrial cleaning industry care about data analytics? Learn how small companies like StoneAge and large one like ExxonMobil, are using data to accelerate their business.

Quick Background: Host Kerry Siggins interviews her good friend Samantha Cervantes where they discuss the importance of visual data and how easy it is to utilize with drop and drag dashboards, like the ones Tableau offers its clients. Samantha shares insights on how you can make better decisions and better understand your business now that easily digestible data is at your fingertips. They also discuss how software has revolutionized analytics and how data analytics will accelerate changes across the industry. Finally, Samantha and Kerry discuss how to grow and develop a high performing sales organization and why nothing beats being on a great team. Don’t miss this podcast; it‘s packed full of powerful insight and it’s fun!

Listen to Episode 12 – Don’t Get Left Behind: How Data Analytics Can Transform Our Industry