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Industrial Theory: A Conversation with StoneAge Co-Founder, John Wolgamott


John Wolgamott is the co-founder of StoneAge Inc. Established in 1979 in Durango, Colorado, StoneAge has grown to be the world’s leading provider of high-pressure waterblasting equipment, automated solutions, and services. John is a charter member of the Waterjet Technology Association and served on its Board of Directors since its founding in 1983 until 2011. He is a co-inventor of several patented tools, has authored numerous research papers, and has presented instructional sessions on waterjet applications at WJTA conferences. John graduated from the University of Colorado’s School of Engineering and did graduate work at the Colorado School of Mines.

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Kerry Siggins interviews John Wolgamott, co-founder of StoneAge Inc., about the company’s journey from a garage in 1979 to becoming the world’s leading provider of high-pressure waterblast equipment, accessories, and automated solutions.


Host Kerry Siggins is joined by John Wolgamott, co-founder of StoneAge Inc. John details starting the company alongside co-founder, Jerry Zink, with a “waterjet rock drill” used for uranium mining, and its subsequent pivot towards manufacturing rotary tools and automated equipment for the industrial cleaning industry. He describes how their mutual focus on taking care of customer needs has helped guide the business’s growth internationally as well as its product development evolution. John explains why StoneAge became an employee-owned company and his passion for growing the Employee Stock Ownership Program further. Kerry and John discuss frequently asked questions including where the name “StoneAge” came from, why the company has never developed a pump, and why its headquarters is firmly located in Durango. Plus, John shares his vision for the industry and the role StoneAge plays in delivering the next generation of smarter, safer industrial cleaning equipment.

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