Exchanger Cleaning

AutoBox ABX-3L Accessories

Maximize your investment in StoneAge equipment with accessories that increase workplace safety, equipment capability, cleaning efficiency, and the life of your hoses & nozzles.

Lightweight Positioner: Specifically designed to be modular, lightweight, expandable, and easy to setup

The Lightweight Positioner is used in conjunction with AutoBox automated flex lancing systems to facilitate accurate indexing of heat exchanger tube IDs.
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Hose Containment System: Increase job site safety by securely managing hP hose for exchanger cleaning

The Hose Containment System is a lightweight accessory for the AutoBox ABX-3L that contains and manages HP hose on the job. It also stores hose for easy transport between jobs.
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Fin Fan Accessory: Adapt the ABX–3L for the specific requirements of cleaning fin fan style exchangers or air fin coolers

Fin Fan exchangers can be much wider than standard heat exchangers and are often accessed by very narrow walkways. Fin Fan Accessory components adapt the ABX-3L for this type of cleaning.
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Accessories expand the capabilities of your AutoBox ABX-3L triple lancing system so you can do more jobs with the equipment you already own. Check out the latest ABX-3L overview video!