Exchanger Cleaning

Announcing AutoBox ABX-3L

We are excited to announce the release of the AutoBox ABX-3L automated lancing system for your toughest exchanger cleaning jobs.

The AutoBox ABX-3L joins our AutoBox family of hose feed tractors for hands-free tube bundle and Fin Fan heat exchanger cleaning applications.

The ABX-3L is designed to run single, dual, or triple flex lance setups with an emphasis on portability, ease of setup, and safety. It can be used with any pressure rated hose ranging in size from 3/2 to 8/4.


  • Triple, dual, or single lance operationHandles hose sizes from 3/2 to 8/4 with no equipment modifications
  • Proven reliability on the toughest jobs and most corrosive environments
  • Modular, compact design is easy to transport and quick to set up
  • Low cost of ownership – low cost components, quick and easy maintenance

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We strive to manufacture functional equipment that is easy to adapt to a range of applications. AutoBox accessories are plug and play modules that expand the cleaning capabilities of the ABX-3L to maximize your productivity and your investment.


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Fin Fan Accessory AutoStroke Hose Containment System