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Rotary Hydro-X Available

HXR-300 Rotary Hydroexcavation tool

Access Buried Utilities with High Pressure Water

The HXR-300 Rotary Hydro-X nozzle joins the StoneAge line of fixed (non-rotary) hydro-excavation tools, with an angled rotating jet pattern to reduce undercutting and effectively work around utilities.

Hydro-excavation offers an alternative for accessing buried utilities with high pressure water. Users can save labor hours and expensive heavy equipment costs and avoid risk of damage to buried utilities. The HXR-300 is a fully rebuildable tool featuring long lasting carbide nozzles and a replaceable protective cap.

Three jetting options available for different applications:

  • Higher flow for harder surfaces
  • Intermediate flow for general use
  • Lower flow for water savings

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