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Announcing Lightweight Striker

Lightweight Striker SKRL rotary shotgunning system

StoneAge is pleased to announce the Lightweight Striker automated remote shotgun cleaning system.

Durango, CO — June 22, 2017

Striker SKRL partsThe Lightweight Striker is designed for automated shotgunning in hard to access locations. The system can be quickly disassembled into modular components that fit through standard manway openings and meet plant requirements for single man lift and hands-free safety compliance.

Key Advantages

  • Small and easy to carry, the Lightweight Striker is the only product on the market that is truly “one man portable” for difficult to access applications
  • System can be fully assembled or disassembled in less than 5 minutes with minimal hand tools
  • Unique water tank ballast allows system to handle 55lbs (25kg) of thrust without compromising portability
  • Access a large cleaning window without repositioning the system, 47 in. (1194mm) H x 68 in. (1727mm) W x 40 in. (1016mm) D
  • Affordable and user friendly alternative to complicated robotic systems

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