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Free Beetle Offer

Free Beetle Offer

Optimize your automated equipment by pairing it with the right rotary nozzle - FOR FREE

The Beetle line of rotary nozzles has been specifically engineered to maximize the cleaning capability of StoneAge automated pipe cleaning equipment - and has proven so successful in the field that we want to include them as a free upgrade for newly purchased equipment through the Autumn shutdown.

StoneAge will include ONE FREE Beetle tool with the purchase of an AutoBox ProDrive, or TWO FREE Beetle tools with the purchase of either a Navigator or Boiler Tube Cleaner.


Customers will have the option to choose the Beetle model - BT12, BT18, or BT25 - that suits their application when ordering.

The small diameter and short length of the Beetle line of rotary tools enable StoneAge pipe cleaning systems to access smaller pipe, pass tighter bends, and navigate more elbows while delivering the same dependable cleaning power as the renowned Banshee line of tools.

If your Autumn shutdown jobs require cleaning process piping, drain lines, u-tube bundles or other hard to access small ID pipes and tubes with bends, make sure your StoneAge automated equipment has a Beetle on the end of it.

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