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Announcing Direct Sales and Distribution Territories in Europe

StoneAge will directly support industrial cleaning contractor needs in Western Europe by adding sales staff throughout the U.K., Netherlands and France as well as opening its European headquarters in the United Kingdom. Non-Western EEA markets will continue to be served by its realigned and exclusive distribution network.

StoneAge, Inc. is pleased to announce that starting February 1, 2017, the company will begin selling Waterblast Tools, Automated Equipment and Custom Solutions directly to industrial cleaning customers in Western Europe including the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. Having long been known for outstanding customer service, StoneAge will be increasing its focus on contractor needs and support for the rapidly changing waterblast industry.

To meet this commitment to customers across the European Economic Area, StoneAge will implement several key changes in 2017. On April 1st, StoneAge Europe, headquartered in the industrial midlands of the United Kingdom, will officially open and be ready to ship and support product throughout Europe. Kerry Siggins, StoneAge CEO, affirmed that the StoneAge Europe facility “will be fully stocked with waterblast tools and automated equipment, sewer tools, downhole wash tools, spare parts and kits, and a full line of hoses, fittings and other accessories. Our goal is to help our customers throughout Europe maximize return on their investment in StoneAge by providing fast and accurate access to stock, training, repair, and support.”

The company will expand their technical sales and field support team in Western Europe, with direct sales staff regionally based in the United Kingdom, France and the Netherlands. StoneAge Europe will be staffed with a fully trained and experienced order fulfillment and customer service team.

Industrial cleaning contractors across the EEA will also have direct access to StoneAge’s U.S.-based engineering team, enabling them to get fast answers to their hard questions and allowing them opportunity to provide input on product design, functionality and safety.

StoneAge will continue to sell waterblast tools and automated equipment through key dealers in North, South and Eastern Europe, ensuring fast response time for their customers' immediate needs. These dealers share StoneAge’s passion and commitment to technical product knowledge and responsive customer service, and they will be listed on the StoneAge website by their exclusive distribution territory.

This change will not affect the company’s other international waterblast markets nor their European or international sewer markets. European sewer jetting and all other international customers can expect to see the same great service they are accustomed to from StoneAge’s world-wide dealer network.

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